Before and Honduras national football team

Before and Honduras national football team warm-up match against Japan during the latter just miserable team breath swallow six eggs. So you can be understood – and the Japanese national football team’s distance, approximately equal to 0:6.

Interestingly, a recent British research institution dedicated sports statistics of the national league of data, found that super averaging attendance can be routed to the ninth position in world football, but also the first in the Asia-wide. In addition, in terms of player salaries, super can be ranked fifteenth in the world of football, it is also the first in Asia.

If you look at these the Japanese J-League, K-League as well as other Asian leagues far left behind the data, then the people know the truth is very easy to draw super “Asia’s first league” conclusion.
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Perrin took 35 players have the opportunity to play more than one-fifth of people playing 450 minutes

2015 Asian Cup was the first big test Perrin after taking office, now less than two months to prepare for the time remaining, and the warm-up through nine games, Perrin in charge of the national football lineup has emerged, several rival players locked in advance main location.

Perrin in nine games after he took office, a total of 35 players have been playing opportunities, of which only the fifth player to get more than 450 minutes of playing time, which is almost certain seven players in off the Asian Cup squad place and most likely to be the main location. In the remaining position, Perrin needs further consideration.
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in recent Carlo never showed signs of outgoing Saudi Football Association

In fact, in recent Carlo never showed signs of outgoing Saudi Football Association who has to work in the Real Madrid coach is also very trust, even intends to both sides of the contract was extended to 2016. In the Asian Cup qualifiers, led by Saudi Arabia to top the group identity Carlo qualify directly to the Chinese team suffered terribly. In this case, the Saudi media broke the “coaching” motive is some incredible news.

It is worth noting that the Saudi national football coach position has always been part of “high risk” work. From 1994 till now 20 years, Saudi Arabia Football Federation fired nearly 20 coach, coaching such breathtaking speed, and many of them were fired Frank Rijkaard, Calderon and other world-class marshal. Asian Cup in 2011, when he was only because the Saudi coach Pei Seluo first group stage defeat, it was the Football Association dismissed dump. From this perspective, if the Saudi Football Association really fired Carlo, did not seem to matter what the fuss on the deep pockets of the Saudi people, to pay liquidated damages to the coach can only be a few pocket money. Of course, for any team, chicken coaching change will bring the inevitable negative consequences, as the Chinese enemies in the Asian Cup group stage, Saudi Arabia this time, “self-inflicted” may mean the opportunity to Orangemen a.

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Asian Cup imminent Orangemen want to welcome the positive

Asian Cup imminent Orangemen want to welcome the positive exposure of the Saudi Football Federation sacked coach
Saudi Football Federation is planning at the end of the current national team coach sacked Gulf Cup, the Spaniard Carlo, his successor will be former Uruguay coach Nasser Al Daniel – Carreno. Currently Saudi Arabia Football Association has not yet publicly Carlo class situation, but if true, the upcoming Asian Cup match against Saudi Arabia in the Chinese national football, it seems to be a good good news.

“Shabiba” broke the news that the Saudi Football Association’s “Internal informed sources” have confirmed the Spaniard Carlo will be retiring after the Gulf Cup and the Football Association has finalized Carreno, led the national team’s Asian Cup. Carreno, who led Al – Nasser won the league in Saudi Arabia enjoy good reputation in the country’s football circles. However, despite the certainty, but the person did not disclose more information as to why sack Carlo, the outside world is not known.
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Perrin has since served as football coach

Perrin has since served as football coach, led a total of nine games played, four wins, four draws and one loss record, in its delineation of the list of 50 People’s Congress, there are 34 players get the opportunity to play. As planned, the Orangemen will be concentrated in Chenzhou December 7, the final phase of training time in about 20 days or so. Chinese Football Association Guo Guanbu Minister Liu Dianqiu introduction, a list of national football training camp in December will be about 30 people. Increase in players, had to be re-elected before the return, but the coaching staff will select some players into the national team, Liao Lisheng, Binbin, Li Ang is a popular candidate from the Olympic team.

The two A-class international football tournament host to Chenzhou, a city well-known Chinese Sports. “Chenzhou able to attract national football competition, indicating that a few years to create the city of Chenzhou sport in the country with the influence of Chenzhou Sports Center is also very suitable for large international football tournament.” Fan Jianping Chenzhou Municipal Sports Bureau, said at the press conference “everyone says that the Chinese women’s volleyball team’s maiden Chenzhou, Chenzhou every women’s volleyball girls to be able to achieve excellent results. the Orangemen to Chenzhou game, we will organize the fans cheer for the national team for the Orangemen to create a warm home atmosphere . ”

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Orangemen last two warm-up battle simulation Saudi finalized Chenzhou imaginary Uzi

WASHINGTON Chenzhou November 22 (Reporter Lu Yi) Chinese soccer team in December will mark the two A-class international football tournament in Chenzhou, Hunan, respectively, 13 and 21 against Kyrgyzstan and Palestinian teams. This is also the Chinese soccer team next year before the expedition in Australia, in the country’s final two warm-up match. 22, 2014 Chinese Football Association Cup China Team International held a news conference in Chenzhou, event information released.
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Conference, Minister of the Department of the Chinese Football Association Competition Qi army introduced in the current year and the strength of the strongest opponents to play against Honduras, the national football warm-up opponent in December more targeted. GuoZiHao team is no stranger to Kyrgyzstan. 2009, the Orangemen in Tianjin 3-0 victory over rivals. 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games, the Olympic 2-1 win. The balance of power from both sides, the current strength of the opponent Pei Jiajun above. Palestinian Team FIFA ranked 108 in the 2014 AFC Cup challenger finals in May this year, the Palestinian beat Philippines 1-0 win to qualify for the first time won the 2015 Asian Cup. Palestinian team over the past year or so since time is very fast progress, this year they have also rushed into the top 10 in Asia.

“Two warm-up match, Kyrgyzstan is imaginary opponent Uzbekistan national football Asian Cup, but the Palestinians can be set to the Saudi adversary. Chinese team is bound to take advantage of opportunities in the last two warm-up match before the expedition to create a set of ideal lineup. “Qi army said.
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China kept a lot of misunderstanding style youth The top and bottom to synchronize force

Five pupils agreed to enhance the level of Chinese football, in addition to start from the youth have no alternative, these are not short-term money and be able to solve. But for the present, Chinese-style youth, they think there is a lot of misunderstanding, both the lack of clear and reasonable top-level design, low-level execution and lack of sufficient quality.

Yang Chen: talents will talk about the top-level design, there must be planning system. Each state has a lot of class German league, they developed more down the league system. Only then will we have enough football talent output, so good players will inevitably be increased, then it will not become a good player of scarce resources, the price will naturally remove the foam. Youth learn whether Europe or Japan, must have the age and race planning, Europe from U-8 to U-23, every age has its youth league, and one game a week, this is consistent with the professional league rhythm.

Xie Hui: Our youth now there are methodological errors that training time with a simple number can lead to higher levels. Like Germany, 8-13-year-olds training three times a week, 13 years of age or training four times a week, and we are training 20 hours a week. We waste a lot of time on training and competition is too low.

Peng Weiguo: especially at the grassroots coaching session, and now we have traditional football training delivery systems in most cities have gone, but thanks to all parts of the club is not the way to dig a child, it would blow the grass-roots enthusiasm coach. Previously in a professional system, cultivate a bonus striker has now players in the Super League to create a high transfer fee, but did not develop his coaching relationship, this must have the proper incentives.

Wei Qun: no how youth can improve the site? Here we see a lot of schools have football field obviously, but hung the sign says “no play”! Another must raise the level of grassroots coaches, before we have a great ability to enlightenment coach, and very patiently honing our basic skills. Now many local grassroots football coach may not even have no formal played!

Xie Hui: “East Asian model” of success further demonstrates the low level of our youth, with 10 years of training Genbao five or six internationals to prove their abilities, but five or six internationals are singled out more than 100 people from the inside the ratio is still too high, which in developed countries even thousands of miles and miles of football pick a proportion far worse.

Yu Genwei: If there 10-20 “East Asian model” of success, may be the Chinese football want to see that day.

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