FUT 15 Web App is now available to download and trade

FUT 15 Web App is now available to download and trade. Here are some tips to make make coins and buld a true Ultimate Team during Web App phase.
1. Open Packs and Liquidate Your Club
Just liquidate your club as much as possible after you open evey pack. It means that you need to sell all your tradeable items as much as you get. So you need to know the current value of each item in the market, making sure you are not underpricing anything. Though it takes soem time, it could be the difference between being able to afford an underpriced bargain and watching someone else snap it up to make coins! Remeber that you do not need to sell some items like low-rated non-rare bronze players and certain consumables, even after multiple listing cycles.
2. Holding Players/Items
Now you should only have fifa 15 coins items in your club, unless of course you’re holding onto a certain player/item because you believe they’ll rise in value. However you should only hold onto players/items if you believe their value will rise enough to warrant not having the coins now to trade with.
For example, you just packed Rooney and was wondering if you should sell him now or when the game releases. If you pack Rooney now and he’s your only expensive player. But the difference between having only 5k or so from selling players/items obtained from packs or having an extra 75k to trade with now is huge. So you should sell him under these circumstances as you’ll be able to make more coins than any possible increase in his value. It’s difficult to say whether some players will rise in price, as some have already been inflated due to FUTers investing in them for the release.



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