most tend to be the first to purchase the new fifa coins

As with all games players who play the most tend to be the first to purchase the new releases of the game. When a new version of FIFA ultimate team is released the majority of experienced players progress onto the newer version of the game and leave FIFA’s predecessor game behind. But of course with all games there are always fans of particular versions, or simply those who are not that bothered about being up to date who will remain playing existing versions. As people will leave the game, and head to the newer version, FIFA Ultimate Team Coins will remain in the old game (example fifa 15 coins) but they won’t be able to be transferred onto the latest edition of the game (example FIFA 14), after all it is a new game so you start from the beginning again. These basic economics cause a collapse in the value of FUT coins in the older versions of the game as that game economy slowly dies. Should you however wish to remain playing the older version you can profiteer because a lot less people are playing the game, which means there are a lot less people monitoring that year’s transfer market. This allows you to snipe the best deals out there and eventually re-sell the same player for more.
When it comes to changing console from the Xbox 360 to the PlayStation 3 for example there is no simple solution, with FIFA 14 Coins not being interchangeable due to each platform of the game having their very own transfer markets. You are therefore left with two main choices. The first is to swap fifa 15 coins with players who are in the opposite situation as you, such as wanting to swap to the platform you have. People to swap with can be found through forums, though a degree of trust is ultimately involved. The second is using a trustworthy website who will charge a fee for the exchange service between yourselves and the site. Although they may charge you a fee it is worth it as opposed to being conned and losing all your FIFA coins!
So what happens when the next generation of consoles come out (Xbox One + PlayStation 4)? Do I lose all my progress, teams, coins and records from my current gen consoles? In short, no. This is because EA have thought ahead and will give each FIFA Ultimate Team player a ONE-TIME chance to transfer everything over to their next-gen console. Once you make the transfer there is no transferring back! It’s also worthwhile in mentioning that the Xbox One will have the same transfer market as the Xbox 360 and vice versa for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. However, once again you can’t trade Xbox One coins over to the PlayStation 4.


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