What can I buy with Fifa 15 Coins

– There are a numerous amount options instantly available to you if you have Fifa Coins, the most popular use will be to better your squad by buying those more iconic player cards such as Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Radamel Falcao or maybe Neymar.

– The second most popular use of having a bountiful amount of fifa 15 coins is strengthening your squad as a whole thus creating a tuff team to beat and potentially having coins left over to enhance your bench by purchasing those impact players that may change a game when perhaps the luck of the game isn’t in your favour.

– You may also want to create multiple amount of squads for maybe fitness or just to simply showcase your wealth! You may desire to have a club team made up of Real Madrid players, a national side such as Brazil or a league team made up of the strongest Barclays Premier League players. Either way the more teams you have the longevity of the game increases because each team has its own personality keeping you entertained for hours upon hours.

– Perhaps you want to chance your luck in a player pack opening spree where you enter the Ultimate Team Store and use the coins to buy the more preferred premium packs which will give you 12 items = 12 chances to win ANY player.

– Never want to run out of consumables? Well by having lots of coins you should never run out of contracts enabling you to break those shackles that are stopping you play as many games as you want. Or maybe you want to maximise your player’s chemistry by applying a training card to get your player into the right position such as Right Midfield/Right Winger or Right Forward because the more chemistry your player has then the better he will perform due to FIFA’s game mechanics.

– If you’re an upcoming YouTuber and you want to maybe advertise your channel you could offer giveaways/promotions of coins for maybe just simply being a subscriber. This will entice people to subscribe to your channel and tell their friends to do the same so they also have a chance to win some free coins – this will result in your YouTube channel becoming more popular because who doesn’t like free gifts?

– Alternatively you could give some coins to one or a few of your friends to help them begin Ultimate Team or to help them build a better team, the possibilities are endless!



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