Bayern array of Danish international Hoey Bigger

According to “Munich Daily” news, in Sacchi indicated that it wants to leave after the winter break, Bayern executives had decided to “Swiss Messi” leased to leave, and the rental fee for the price of 1.5 million euros, plus 12 million euros in the summer next year the buy-out clause. Currently, the Premier League clubs Liverpool and Arsenal intentionally incurred under Sacchi, which Liverpool had signed this summer near Sacchi, Liverpool boss Rodgers hopes to sign Sacchi reinforce strength in the front court.

In addition Sacchi, Bayern array of Danish international Hoey Bigger also looking forward to leave, according to “Bild” message, Hoy Bigger agent has been talking with Bayern executives, who want to clear the Danish striker in the team in the future. Although only 19 years old, has grown Hoy Bigger Danish national team midfielder, currently Serie A giants AC Milan and Roma are all interested in the midfield star.

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