Dissatisfied bench! Bayern 2 stars want to leave Sacchi joined the Premier League or lease

Bayern triumph on all fronts this season, the frontcourt players are showing excellent condition, and the team in front of the bench is difficult to get consistent playing time, Swiss and Danish international striker Sacchi Bigger on Hoy in recently expressed dissatisfaction with the situation in the team, love, and hope to leave the Bundesliga winter break Banba.

In fact, as early as this summer, Sacchi had intended to leave Bayern, but Bayern refused to let go of the final high-level Swiss midfielder, due to Muller, cell policy and Robben have maintained excellent competitive state, Sacchi still only Bayern bench, so the Swiss international has repeatedly indicated that it wants to leave. In an interview with “Kicker” interview, Sacchi said: “If I can not always play the game, I certainly feel unhappy, this is normal, I need to see if I still wait for the Champions League knockout team, we will talks at the winter break. ”
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