Golden Globe this year by the German players

Real Madrid recently for the main players almost no holiday, this Ancelotti said:. “I saw the Real Madrid team very tired before, but now we have recovered very well, I can only see Crosby compare fatigue, King next week Cup, he will get holiday opportunity. we need more stamina, this is the problem we have to face this season, but Real Madrid’s performance last year, enough confidence to everyone, so we want to continue to win, continue to build confidence. ”

Talking rivals Malaga, Real Madrid coach said: “We have only one goal for tomorrow is to beat Malaga, this is a very important game, so others do not have to think about the results of our tomorrow’s game will be very difficult. , Malaga this season, good performance, before the last round of league defeat Calderon Stadium Atletico Madrid, who won the five-game winning streak in the league.

Platini said recently that it should once again received a Golden Globe this year by the German players, when a reporter asked to evaluate this when Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti said:? “Platini Abel Figueroa, then I agree with the view as UEFA President, to discuss the Golden Globes is clearly not the right time. ”

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