Then the loss of soldiers battle former Juventus official announcement wing surgery or truce in March

Against Turin, Florence, Atletico Madrid and Sampdoria current spate of hard-fought, but first off a Juventus general. On Friday, Juventus midfielder Asamoah official announcement next week on his left knee cartilage surgery, Ghana players in 2014 has ended prematurely.

Asamoah is at the beginning of the game against Empoli slander to the left knee, and wounding insisted on participating in the subsequent match against Olympiakos in the Champions League group stage of the fourth round, resulting in increased injury, and since then has been in a resting state. But despite Juventus and Asamoah are reluctant to choose a long recovery time required to carry out surgical treatment, but the delay in Ghana midfielder’s injury did not improve, Juventus finally decided to solve the problem once and for all.

“Although in recent weeks we Asamoah knees made some treatment, but the pain has not been eliminated, so the Ghana midfielder will fly to Barcelona next Tuesday arthroscopic surgery to repair his damaged left knee cartilage, the surgeon Ramon doctor – doctor Cugat “Juventus wrote in a statement in the official website. Postoperative recovery time on Asamoah had surgery depending on the circumstances to determine, but in general the fastest after receiving this surgery also requires six weeks of time to recover, if the situation is not ideal, the rest time may take up to three months – and this is the premise of no complications. In other words, Asamoah has an early goodbye to 2014, he was also likely to miss the 2015 African Cup of Nations, of course, for Juventus, the latter is not necessarily a loss.

Juventus announced Asamoah need surgery after Asamoah’s agent Wahe Ji revealed more news. “We would have liked to wait a week, but the club decided to surgery ahead of time, so we will fly to Barcelona next Tuesday.” Wahe Ji said, “the recovery time? That can wait until after surgery according to the actual situation of surgery to estimate I can say only Asamoah will certainly do our best to get out of injuries, perhaps his comeback date will be much sooner than estimated …
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