There is no doubt that he is now in good shape

Real Madrid’s recent outstanding Spanish midfielder Isco from Malaga is in 2012 back to Real Madrid. The Disciples return Ancelotti own fame, the Real Madrid coach said: “He will be glad to return home to play in Malaga, to the time the home fans will see a more mature, more experienced, more Isco responsibility. ”

Real Madrid had 350 million euros signed a 18-year-old teenager Mallorca Asensio, about the stars of tomorrow, Ancelotti said: “I’ve seen him play, this is a talented player, I that his future will be very bright, I do not know anything else. ”

Talking Bell, Ancelotti said: “There is no doubt that he is now in good shape, a little problem is not that he will continue to help Real Madrid gain the victory, there is no doubt..”

In the fifth round of the Champions League game against Basel, Casillas sat on the bench for 90 minutes, followed by Carlo Ancelotti said: “He is no problem in training, the Casey quiet ready to play, as always seriously, under the existing circumstances effort to help the team this year and last year is somewhat different, and now Casey is more suitable for the current Real Madrid. ”

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