China kept a lot of misunderstanding style youth The top and bottom to synchronize force

Five pupils agreed to enhance the level of Chinese football, in addition to start from the youth have no alternative, these are not short-term money and be able to solve. But for the present, Chinese-style youth, they think there is a lot of misunderstanding, both the lack of clear and reasonable top-level design, low-level execution and lack of sufficient quality.

Yang Chen: talents will talk about the top-level design, there must be planning system. Each state has a lot of class German league, they developed more down the league system. Only then will we have enough football talent output, so good players will inevitably be increased, then it will not become a good player of scarce resources, the price will naturally remove the foam. Youth learn whether Europe or Japan, must have the age and race planning, Europe from U-8 to U-23, every age has its youth league, and one game a week, this is consistent with the professional league rhythm.

Xie Hui: Our youth now there are methodological errors that training time with a simple number can lead to higher levels. Like Germany, 8-13-year-olds training three times a week, 13 years of age or training four times a week, and we are training 20 hours a week. We waste a lot of time on training and competition is too low.

Peng Weiguo: especially at the grassroots coaching session, and now we have traditional football training delivery systems in most cities have gone, but thanks to all parts of the club is not the way to dig a child, it would blow the grass-roots enthusiasm coach. Previously in a professional system, cultivate a bonus striker has now players in the Super League to create a high transfer fee, but did not develop his coaching relationship, this must have the proper incentives.

Wei Qun: no how youth can improve the site? Here we see a lot of schools have football field obviously, but hung the sign says “no play”! Another must raise the level of grassroots coaches, before we have a great ability to enlightenment coach, and very patiently honing our basic skills. Now many local grassroots football coach may not even have no formal played!

Xie Hui: “East Asian model” of success further demonstrates the low level of our youth, with 10 years of training Genbao five or six internationals to prove their abilities, but five or six internationals are singled out more than 100 people from the inside the ratio is still too high, which in developed countries even thousands of miles and miles of football pick a proportion far worse.

Yu Genwei: If there 10-20 “East Asian model” of success, may be the Chinese football want to see that day.

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