in recent Carlo never showed signs of outgoing Saudi Football Association

In fact, in recent Carlo never showed signs of outgoing Saudi Football Association who has to work in the Real Madrid coach is also very trust, even intends to both sides of the contract was extended to 2016. In the Asian Cup qualifiers, led by Saudi Arabia to top the group identity Carlo qualify directly to the Chinese team suffered terribly. In this case, the Saudi media broke the “coaching” motive is some incredible news.

It is worth noting that the Saudi national football coach position has always been part of “high risk” work. From 1994 till now 20 years, Saudi Arabia Football Federation fired nearly 20 coach, coaching such breathtaking speed, and many of them were fired Frank Rijkaard, Calderon and other world-class marshal. Asian Cup in 2011, when he was only because the Saudi coach Pei Seluo first group stage defeat, it was the Football Association dismissed dump. From this perspective, if the Saudi Football Association really fired Carlo, did not seem to matter what the fuss on the deep pockets of the Saudi people, to pay liquidated damages to the coach can only be a few pocket money. Of course, for any team, chicken coaching change will bring the inevitable negative consequences, as the Chinese enemies in the Asian Cup group stage, Saudi Arabia this time, “self-inflicted” may mean the opportunity to Orangemen a.

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