Jinyuan football long-term plan Malignant investment will destroy the foundation

“Dollar-oriented” and “bubble” is becoming mainstream super two years ago, has been known as 100 million to start relegation, and this year a number of clubs known as cast 500 million next year. As a bonus to enjoy the Chinese Football League player of the first call, the super large investment situation today as a key topic of discussion.

Wei Qun: As a football man, I think this stock Jinyuan wind is a good thing, no investment, no one is concerned, football did not make up. You see, Dalian and Sichuan, have downgraded this year, and not because there is no money. Now the club has which is not profit-oriented, are required to engage in a high-impact performance, small investment how to play? Of course, so few good players, has become a scarce resource, so the price was so high.

Peng Weiguo: increasing domestic players worth is inevitable, but if more than a certain level will be advantages and disadvantages. Lee is reflected in terms of star value, the desire to drive the development of young people to professional players. The disadvantages are a lot of players do not want to have the ability to play abroad because of high domestic wages.

Yang Chen: Super League in recent years said to be 2 million investment in order to avoid relegation, and year, for example, other than the top four teams, the other team did not put so high. Super gradual increase in investment is reasonable, but it must be consistent with the law, especially in small clubs to make to survive.

Yu Genwei: If such a large investment can be sustained for long, naturally is a good thing, we are all afraid of the past three to five years to receive a fresh lively. Profit-oriented things to do less, not because of the league now want more money and influence to ensure that fair competition.

Xie Hui: Super League is now a vicious investment. Do not say internationals, is an ordinary super main players, the rigid requirements of the transfer fee to be tens of millions, which bear it? Even if it does not work in Europe, such as Germany, you open so high transfer fee must collect luxury tax. Of course, you can invest 4,5 million a year, but must be in proportion to peer into the upper echelon. The Levante La Liga, Bundesliga Borussia, they will invest tens of millions a year yuan, but still be able to survive. Qatar League before more than we burn, they introduced Effenberg spend more than 70 million euros, which is not that crazy? This approach turned out to be a failure.
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