Orangemen last two warm-up battle simulation Saudi finalized Chenzhou imaginary Uzi

WASHINGTON Chenzhou November 22 (Reporter Lu Yi) Chinese soccer team in December will mark the two A-class international football tournament in Chenzhou, Hunan, respectively, 13 and 21 against Kyrgyzstan and Palestinian teams. This is also the Chinese soccer team next year before the expedition in Australia, in the country’s final two warm-up match. 22, 2014 Chinese Football Association Cup China Team International held a news conference in Chenzhou, event information released.
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Conference, Minister of the Department of the Chinese Football Association Competition Qi army introduced in the current year and the strength of the strongest opponents to play against Honduras, the national football warm-up opponent in December more targeted. GuoZiHao team is no stranger to Kyrgyzstan. 2009, the Orangemen in Tianjin 3-0 victory over rivals. 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games, the Olympic 2-1 win. The balance of power from both sides, the current strength of the opponent Pei Jiajun above. Palestinian Team FIFA ranked 108 in the 2014 AFC Cup challenger finals in May this year, the Palestinian beat Philippines 1-0 win to qualify for the first time won the 2015 Asian Cup. Palestinian team over the past year or so since time is very fast progress, this year they have also rushed into the top 10 in Asia.

“Two warm-up match, Kyrgyzstan is imaginary opponent Uzbekistan national football Asian Cup, but the Palestinians can be set to the Saudi adversary. Chinese team is bound to take advantage of opportunities in the last two warm-up match before the expedition to create a set of ideal lineup. “Qi army said.
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