Perrin has since served as football coach

Perrin has since served as football coach, led a total of nine games played, four wins, four draws and one loss record, in its delineation of the list of 50 People’s Congress, there are 34 players get the opportunity to play. As planned, the Orangemen will be concentrated in Chenzhou December 7, the final phase of training time in about 20 days or so. Chinese Football Association Guo Guanbu Minister Liu Dianqiu introduction, a list of national football training camp in December will be about 30 people. Increase in players, had to be re-elected before the return, but the coaching staff will select some players into the national team, Liao Lisheng, Binbin, Li Ang is a popular candidate from the Olympic team.

The two A-class international football tournament host to Chenzhou, a city well-known Chinese Sports. “Chenzhou able to attract national football competition, indicating that a few years to create the city of Chenzhou sport in the country with the influence of Chenzhou Sports Center is also very suitable for large international football tournament.” Fan Jianping Chenzhou Municipal Sports Bureau, said at the press conference “everyone says that the Chinese women’s volleyball team’s maiden Chenzhou, Chenzhou every women’s volleyball girls to be able to achieve excellent results. the Orangemen to Chenzhou game, we will organize the fans cheer for the national team for the Orangemen to create a warm home atmosphere . ”

To share a football game now, people love it –Fifa 15 coins.



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