The lack of living space for local players Super big fame, or a waste of teachers to

In the case of the league increasingly burn, many big-name foreign aid and foreign teachers have entered the Super League, so that the domestic players continue to be compressed living space. No temper space, how domestic players level rise? Without a good player, but also about what the level of the national team’s progress? Pupils were consistent approach to this problem: You can not hurry, 10 years before going into the World Cup team is difficult.

Peng Weiguo: foreign aid and foreign teachers only goal is to make money in China. Of course, like foreign aid hole card is indeed a strong ability to drive the team, but this effect can not be driven by the outbreak, must be gradual, takes a long time. Teachers also, Lippi does have the ability, but the university teachers how to teach students do well, so sometimes too well known to the Super coach is a waste!

Xie Hui: for example, such as coach Sven-Goran Eriksson, if open to the harbor dug him away prices in Europe an estimated 200 high-level than his coach, as an alternative, be sure to ask him why? These are the decision-makers do not understand the cause of the row.

Yang Chen: Super foreign aid is now 4 + 1, why can not the same as playing the AFC 3 + 1, less a foreign aid to domestic players on one more chance. Evergrande mode led by the attention of Chinese football, which is a good thing, but how to drive local players? This is not a short-term can be resolved. Japan has experienced 20 years ago, we are now at this stage, but they are local players to grow up, and now rarely used the J-League foreign aid, and actually become a platform for transporting players to Europe.

Yu Genwei: Super high levels of foreign aid are now expensive imported, these foreign aid basically crowding out the heart of the three lines, local players is simply impossible to have living space. Foreign coaches will not consider the problem of training local players, only for their own achievements and bonuses.

Peng Weiguo: The current national team gathered the most outstanding player, Perrin’s tactical system is gradually forming, I still hope to see him back technical style, the road is right, but also the execution of the players.

Xie Hui: For the national team, I would not be too pessimistic. Because everything I said before, we have been doomed 10 years is difficult to have a lot of good players, how can you expect good performance of the national team?
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